Monday, 6 February 2017

Smurf Wars: Smurf Villager Mastercastings

No new paintjobs but here are some picturesof mastercastings of some more smurf villager bit.

Smurf heads. 
The top row are a sad smurf, a surprised smurf, a laughing smurf and a Papa Smurf character head.
The bottom row are shouting smurfs. These should work well as "good" fighting smurfs too (as in opposed to "evil" grey or black/purple smurfs, which will get more angry expressions).

The Smurfette. One body, five headvariants (you can tell the sculptor has a soft spot for her). From left to right, they are smiling, sad, angry (grey Smurfette), laughing and surprised/shouting.

Then a Jokey Smurf or Greedy Smurf body with accessories (jack in the box, packed present or smurf cake). The head is the laughing head from higher up, just loosely stuck on for the picture.

Some assorted bits and weapons to be used with other Smurf figures:

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